16-18 November 2020

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As the most influential and leading Wine Magazine in Hong Kong and Greater China, Wine Luxe Magazine has established Wine Luxe International Awards since 2016 and stepped into the 5th Edition. The competition is organised by Wine Luxe Magazine and Co-organised with Hong Kong Sommelier Association, supported by Informa Market and Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong. There are more than 2000 Wine and Spirits entries from all over the world in the past years


  • The entry Wine and Spirits will be judged by 60 International professionals including Master of Wine, Master of Sommeliers, F&B Directors, Sommeliers, Wine Critics, Wine Educators etc;


  • By using 100 point scale and thereby providing professional advice to consumers among a huge range of choices;


  • All Wine and Spirits will be divided into 10 Categories : Old World White, Old World Red, New World White, New World Red, Sparkling Wine, Sweet Wine, Rosé Wine, Japanese Sake, Whisky,  Spirits;


  • The Online Wine Bible published every year on the WINELUXEAWARDS.com to illustrate the Score and Medals of every Awarded Wine

  • Wine Luxe Magazine and the Online Video Channel Taste-TV announce all the Awarded Wine each year and  provides brand promotion and business opportunities with Hong Kong and Greater China market including our Hotel  for all the entries wine and distributors.  

Platinum (Over 96 pts)

Rare, pure and expensive. Platinum is one of the most precious elements in the world. Like the only four wines awarded Platinum Gold titles, are some of the rarest wines on Earth.

Silver (ranging from 85 to 92 pts)

Silver is often used to make coin. Fine wines with incredible quality, like silver, are worthy of being owned and stored by all drinkers. 

Gold (ranging from 92.5 to 95.5 pts)

Gold is always associated with crown

and honor. To be a great wine, balance

is the key. The thirty four Gold wine,

each expresses a unique beauty of


Bronze (Between 77.5 and 84.5 pts)

Bronze is highly practical in daily life,

just like those wines with bronze

medal, comprising a broad ranges

of styles, from much approachable to

deep and elegant. It is not hard to

discover your favorites in the list.